Starting salary for a web designer

When embarking on a new career and looking at those first few offers from different companies, it can be difficult to choose the right one. There are a few factors involved such as location, benefits and of course, money. The starting salary for a web designer depends largely on the size of the company you may be considering and what your background is.

For those who have been a web designer for some time and looking to change companies or location, the salary is negotiable. This is where the amount of background and experience comes in to play. Those that have been at it awhile, tend to be able to ask for more when negotiating a salary deal than those that have just gotten out of school.

The average starting salary for a web designer, directly out of school, is around $22,000 to $30,000 a year. This accounts for the lack of real world experience and gives a good starting basis for the company itself to allow for advancement. The ground floor is where everyone starts in all business and web designing is no different.

The experienced designer, depending on how good he or she is and the amount of experience they possess, can make up to $60,000 a year with the right company. As you can imagine, to be at this level involves many factors and these differ from company to company. These factors may include things like degree(s) earned, years on the job and continuing training in advancements in web design.

When researching companies looking to hire a designer, look not only at what they offer but at what types of websites they have online. By seeing the type of work that they produce, you may decide whether or not they are the type of company you would like to work for or not. No matter what you do, being proud of your work is a big part of it and you should want your name on it.

A web designer with a wide background in all types of programming will definitely command a higher starting salary than one with only one or two disciplines. This is particularly true of those just coming out of school and looking for that first position. With no real world experience other than classroom work, the more certifications and training that can be shown to a potential employer, the better as this shows a willingness to learn.

Web design is an incredibly fast growing career field with limitless potential. There are many companies looking for new and fresh ideas every day. These may all be found by searching online.

When searching the Internet for potential employers, be sure to review everything that can be found regarding them. This includes their stability, benefits and time in operation. By knowing all there is about each company that is being applied to, the multiple offers you will no doubt receive will be much easier to sort through and the correct choice can be made.