Skills Required To Create A Website

Individuals and businesses, in particular smaller companies, often decide to create their own websites. The process is made easier with the help of software packages. There are, however, several other factors that should be taken into consideration. These factors include the level of skill and expertise in web technology required to create a functional, attractive web site, features the site will need to integrate and how much time is available to complete the project.

Choosing the right Software

To ensure that the creation of a website goes ahead as smoothly as possible, it is necessary to select the most suitable software package. Most hosting companies will offer a fairly comprehensive selection of software, applications and other helpful features a personal or business user can employ to add functionality and – if required – decorative aspects to their site. When selecting a host, it is therefore important to ensure that the necessary software, features and applications to achieve the site’s purpose are available. An individual wishing to sell products on their site, for example, has to make sure their host provides e-commerce applications, such as a shopping cart, access to a database and payment options.

Necessary Design Skills

Even when using some of the available design software, a person building a website must have some basic knowledge of HTML. A certain artistic flair, agreeable taste and an eye for color are also necessary. In order to produce stunning graphics and crisp, optimized photos that will load quickly, the designer will also have to have some experience in using graphic software. Another key skill is the understanding of how to develop and implement functional site navigation. For interactive pages or integration with online databases, the designer will need some JavaScript, CGI and/ or database programming skills. Marketing and business aspects are equally fundamental design considerations requiring experience.

Alternative Options

If there is an individual with all of these skills available within a business, and resources allow for this person to be tied up for the time it will take to build the site, there is nothing stopping the company from creating their own site. Without these skills and the necessary time resources, however, creating the site could prove to be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Valuable time may be wasted on a site that will not perform to perfection and will fail to achieve its purpose. In a situation like this, it is advisable to take the plunge and hire a professional service to do the job. This may cost a little more in the short term, but can in the long run save a lot of time, effort and money, thereby certainly making it worth considering.

If time permits it, it is of course possible to learn some of the skills necessary. There are many websites offering tutorials and informative articles, videos, etc, to show how certain aspects of creating a website can be performed and/ or made easier. Consulting these sites will assist in creating an attractive, functional website without having to resort to getting professional assistance.